Towing a Different Lane

Towing a Different Lane

Sometimes.. I surprise myself… Even if I say so myself…

To be quite honest, It feels slightly uncomfortable existing as this being.. the constant changing style chameleon that I am (Insert a long suffering sigh)… I ponder and debate for a panicked 3 minutes; then I tune into my Zinkata and try to decipher the inner workings of my mind; it goes kind of like this..” there is so much to explore in the intriguing world of fashion.. so I shall dabble in whatever fascinates me”. Not saying there is anything wrong with consistently towing a certain fashion lane.

This long spiel takes me to what I dabbled in today…  I was trawling through  in December and saw these really major Jefferey Campbell gold plated blue suede high-tops, pictured below.

I teamed them with a plain white dress (again from Topshop).The shoes are quite a statement pair and I felt it didn’t need any prints or loud colors to compete with it. I softened the look with a gold bracelet and pearl bangles for ‘a ladylike twist to an otherwise tough as nails look”.

Ezinne Chinkata Wearing a White Dress and Shoes

Guess what else is amazing???

The shoes have gone on sale and now available at just half the price.. what a bargain!!! 

Do you have  a pair of really complicated / dramatic shoes and kind of never worn them?? Pair them with a really simple dress for a nice rounded look..

Have a fab day!!!



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