Three Easy Ways to make a great first impression

Three Easy Ways to make a great first impression

Some days, we wish to be balanced in our fashion choices..Simply put, we aspire to have a nice fashionable wholesome silhoutte. No unnecessary attention, no raised eyebrows, no dramatic entries..Just a simple nice well dressed silhouette. In this instance, the smart way to go is to gravitate towards quality classics.

Three Easy Ways to make a great first impression:

1. A very nicely cut black dress: Not a little tight black dress! A flattering black dress at a decent length would always score high easy fashion points. It is a no brainer really. Team it with pretty hued pumps and a matching bag and you are certainly on the home run. 

2. Bright Cheery Colours:  Colours are very welcoming and create a great positive first impression. A nice pink, red or even pastel colour would always look nice and pretty. The secret is to keep the bright colour to just the clothing/garment.. No colour blocking, no bright makeup or matching coloured accessories. A pretty red suit or dress with neutral shoes and accessories will certainly cut a strong positive flattering silhouette.

3.A Crisp White Shirt: White shirts are quite a quintessential classic. A well pressed crisp white shirt would look great against anything. They are very flattering to any skin tone and leaves you looking stylish and at the same time not fussy.. Winner!

 I am wearing a crisp white shirt. I got it from a vintage store from the men’s section. I love the bagginess of it and the masculine cut. I teamed it with a colourful print ankara skirt from Zinkata. It is available in the store in different prints.There’s something quite interesting about the skirt. It is very multifunctional and can be styled in 10 different ways. Here, I wore it as a dress (but in a different print)

Ezinne Chinkata wearing an ankara skirt and white shirt

Okay, maybe my outfit would be a bit more  wholesome without the hat… You tell me…

Have an awesome day all.. 

Ezinne Chinkata 

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Shirt: Vintage

Skirt: Zinkata 

Shoes: Hobbs

Hat: Asos

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