Lady Clara Ijenwayo Chinkata

Lady Clara Ijenwayo Chinkata

IN HER SHOES… Lady Clara Ijenwayo Chinkata was a remarkable woman. Brave, Bold, Beautiful, Kind, God-fearing, fun, witty, smart, stylish, hard-working, business savvy, a consummate hostess, amazing home-maker and an outstanding mother to all (April 7th, 1956- May 10th, 2019).

I haven’t quite processed why I posed for a photo-shoot wearing my beloved mom’s dress from the seventies, shoes, sunglasses, earrings and jewellery. I went as far as trying to mimic her spunky vibe.

No one can do Clara like the original Clara Ijenwayo Otutubuike Chinkata aka Gorgeous.

For me, Mother’s Day comes with its fair share of nostalgia and memories. A zip-zap of fleeting emotions all coming together in a truly complex mix, not altogether happy mind you, but not un-happy either.

More like a lingering bittersweet state of being, peppered with major highs. My heart is bursting with all the love, feelings, memories and everything that was and still is you, Momshikum

I am truly blessed to have had you as a mom. My heart goes out to all the women out there still a little hollow from losing their moms.

Happy Mother’s Day. It is well. Truly it is. The Lord makes it all perfect at his time.

Xxxxx Ezinne Chinkata

(AKA Clara’s Little Girl)

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