5 things to know Before considering a Career in Fashion

Working in Fashion is a mighty rewarding career. It can be super tough and it can be super fun! It is not a walk in the park.. Not by a long shot.. Passion, dedication and consistency would take you a long way.. but here are some things you should truly consider before setting your sails for the creative industry!

a. You have to believe in yourself

Fashion is a a job based on your creative out-put and believing in your product strongly enough to convince people to buy into it as well. Irrespective of the area you decide to specialise in: Design, Styling, Writing, Editing, Pr, Modelling and so forth. It is all about expressing your core beliefs and ideas through a medium to the outside world.

If you have a fantastic idea for example, and you are not sure of it, trying to sell it to people or even to your colleagues would be met with scepticism and little success! The first rule for working in Fashion is believing in yourself and the special brand you possess! Own it, love it and live it!

b. You have to be Very Passionate

Passion!! Are you passionate?? Do you wake up excited at the thought of creating all the wonderful ideas in your head?? A passion for fashion is very key. Some days would be long, hard and daunting, but your love and passion for the job would push you forward and propel you when it seems there’s no way out. Passion feeds creativity and ensures consistent output. Make sure it’s something you absolutely love! Not just a temporary distraction.

c. Be willing to take risks

Working in the creative industry is a bold move! Even if you start off working for an already established brand, it is still a bold choice! It is also super competitive!

Taking calculated risks and thinking outside the box may be the difference between nice and super extradordinary. Be ready to push the ordinary and switch things up a bit.

I shall give you a basic example. I was styling Nollywood actress; Monalisa Chinda in an elaborate maxi with very vibrant prints by TheLadyMaker! I had mentally made a note of wanting brightly coloured accessories to enhance Mona’s complexion and give the outfit a bit of a tropical feel.

The day of the event dawned bright and nice. Dress on, make-up and hair done and it came to the choice of purse. I was still really excited about colourful accents but a little voice in my head whispered ” The dress is already quite busy, what if the pink clutch makes it look too busy? A black clutch would be the safer and classier option”.. That was my inner voice..but at this point ..it was a scared inner voice, pushing me on caution’s side.

I took a risk and opted for the vibrant pink purse! I believe it was the right choice!

On the other hand, learn when to choose your battles. Some times, the classic simple approach is the ultimate win. Go with your gut instincts!

d. Capacity to Build Great Relationships

The fastest way to succeed in the industry is by strategic partnerships and fantastic networking skills. First impressions last a long way! Be nice, Be honest, Be Helpful and Be kind. Whilst your talent would take you a long way, a bad attitude can stop your career dead in it’s tracks! Be aware of the players in your field and build great working relationships with them; based on trust and mutual respect.

e. You have to be able to walk alone

The fashion industry is filled with people emulating each other’s creative outputs and doing things in a certain way or going along with how it is normally done. Your ideas sometimes may find you being isolated from the crowd. Own it!

As long as you believe strongly in it and are ready to work hard to make it a success, do not be afraid to walk previously unchartered waters to reach your goal. It may be an isolated journey, but your passion, dedication , fire and drive should keep you well busy!.. and in the end “Success” shall be your theme song..

.. all the best with your journey through the adrenalin charged world of Fashion!


Ezinne Chinkata

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